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We will provide all customers with a free 30 minutes consultation on the service of their choice. 


Trading- We will have a brief conversation on the different types of trading, education services and trading platforms to reach your ultimate goals.

   Bullion/Gold- We will teach clients how to purchase bullion's and different types of gold stocks in order to have investments you can handle everyday.

Project management- There are always different means of getting into and acquiring real estate. It doesn't necessarily mean buying a home or brick and mortar. We will discuss briefly the different means of investing into real estate and have a plan to move forward.


     Credit Consultation-   Fixing your credit is our goal. We will work hard to correct, update or remove the       following inaccurate, misleading and unverifiable items listed below:

  • Late pays,Tax liens,Inquiries, Short sales, Collection accounts,Identity ,Theft, Charge-offs, Account sold, Authorized users, Bankruptcies, Outdated Medical bills, Repossessions, Foreclosures, Duplicates, Child support.

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