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Projects One through Four 


Bullion coins and bars- Gold bullion coins are purchased for resale and keepsake value over time to insure hands on saving goals you can physically feel. By owning Gold or Silver you own real, tangible, portable money. We recommend that you never let someone else hold your gold or silver for you. If there is ever a sudden financial crisis, you may need your bullion coins in your possession for use as "emergency cash".


Real estate- Multi unit homes, land and tax liens are purchased to guarantee a positive cash-flow every month and real estate that can be passed on to future generations.



Stock and Forex trading- FX and Binary Options trading is done 20 days out of the month to ensure a daily cash flow and income base to purchase bullion's and investment real estate when appropriate.

Stocks are purchased and traded daily for long term benefits and wealth building.


Personal Banking- funds are invested into institutions like Lending club and Prosper loans to ensure a monthly positive cash flow and purchasing power and then reinvested. Learn to be your own investment and banking system.

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